Menu options

  • Some ideas on menu options.

    Raw input is really needed, your sensitivity changes when you start swinging and it makes it really hard to aim because it also changes based on your framerate.

    Depth of field is locked together with post-processing, they should be separate as DoF is a huge framerate drain and the game looks really different with Post-processing off even though it doesn’t drain fps that much.

    Toggle sprint should also make it so that you can load your bow as an archer when sprinting, because you have to stop pressing w completely to start firing.

    Different FoV sliders for both first and third person, don’t see why not it’s already separated in the engine.

    First/Third person crosshair toggle.

    Able to put in numbers for sensitivity manually instead of using a slider.

  • The slowdown when you swing is a feature and it’s meant to prevent people from doing a 360 degree turn.

    The mouse sensitivity number not updating is also known and will be fixed.

  • I know about the slowdown being a feature, I meant that when your framerate drops your sensitivity becomes sporadic and it becomes increasingly hard to move while swinging.

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