3 Knight buffs.

  • 1. Increase the hitbox of the towershield, so that crouching and looking at an archer makes you impossible to hit.

    2. When crouching and having your shield raised, 25-50%(debatable) less stamina is consumed when blocking hits.

    3. After killing someone, stamina and health instantly begin regenerating.

    What do you think?

  • 1. I think there should be a way to hit everything if you are skilled enough. Making the tower shield impenetrable makes it too easy to turtle behind it without worrying about getting hit by projectiles at all.

    2. In earlier stages of the game after release the shield consumed a lot less stamina when blocking IIRC and taking down a knight took way too long because of it. People were a lot worse back then though, so it might be workable.

    3. I think the Knight should always have an advantage in stamina regeneration over the other classes to really be a “tank” (would start regaining stamina after 1 second of inactivity as opposed to 2 seconds). Not necessary but it would help a bit when facing multiple enemies.

  • 1: If you don’t move while crouching that’s more or less what the towershield does.
    2. Sure, but not until the attackspeed with shields is nerfed.
    3: No.

  • No to shield buffs.

  • I like 3. plz tbs

  • I’d like #1, but the other two not so much. #2 sounds like a good idea but I think it would just make it like something you have to do all the time, an extra button to press that would just get annoying after the first week or so. #3 just doesn’t fit in Chivalry very well. I still think your health regen should speed up over time like DW, just not as fast as DW.

  • 1. No
    2. No
    3. Right ballpark wrong direction in my humble opinion. I have always thought since the knight meganerf it has no special ability and lackluster foot speed, Knights get a little bit of a extra resistance? Why not actually capitalize on that, I’d say health regen should be faster considering you’re out of combat in the first place. why should it take 40 seconds to heal after being hit for 99 damage from a crossbow bolt? its nonsense. And from a competitive aspect I still think it would work, or at least it should be tested. 5v5 to/lts would have much more team engagements since people will be ready to engage at a faster pace, more consistent pushes/defenses instead of what we have now. “sorry im a knight and cant push im on 5 health let me go die in 10 seconds so i can spawn and you guys wait for me”. That would be the only buff a knight needs. But all the other classes would be butthurt and be like wah knights hit trade everyone now and they crutch on that, instead of them getting good and learning to parry and dont hit trade

    edit: i don’t mean knight only faster heal regen i meant all classes.

  • You know, it would be a lot better if you elaborated instead of just saying: “No”

  • I like #1. If archers won’t get 50% dmg reduction, I think there should be ways to prevent archers from firing you, so that it wouldn’t completely depend on just the archer. Maybe something that requires skill from yourself like parrying arrows.

  • @Albert!:

    Maybe something that requires skill from yourself like parrying arrows.

    So sweet.
    Would probably make the game too gimmicky though, as DW.

  • 3. for every class please. Getting stam fucked because you killed too many people always makes me sad and leaving combat for the damn thing to regenerate is no fun.

  • faster regen would be nice not only for knight… you know, for those times where you get shot by an archer for 99.9 damage and wait full minute to regen or some crud. DW regen was kinda great, maybe a bit overboard but better than MW regen.

  • Exactly what I said on the first page of this thread clay, Glad to see someone else agrees

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