Is your chivalry crashing?

  • Are you one of the 7.046 billion people (source Google “current population world”) who can’t play chivalry because CMW.exe keeps crashing?

    Are you flustered that TB hasn’t realized that half of their fucking players can’t start up the game?

    Here’s a temp fix because TB has said it yet–-launch CMW in 32 bit mode.

  • I have had it crash and lock up a few times… The weird bug is when my mouse buttons randomly quit working then start working again with no apparent reason. I can still look around and use my non traditional mouse buttons but LMB Wheel and RMB will just stop working.

  • if its worth the noticable drop in FPS (either that or the shittastic new UI, ahven’t played in a while) then it must be worth playing the game i paid for

  • I’ve crashed three times on Coldfront’s first objective (A/B) within two days. Dunno if it’s because of the update or just that map in general, but yeah, annoying. I don’t have any trouble starting up the game, though (32-bit mode).

  • The only time I crashed is when I changed the config of a server I just hooked without restarting the server lol.

    64bit no crashes other than that. And the citadel one every now and again.

  • I crashed on Darkforest once yesterday. That’s rare. Still get the odd crash on Stoneshill 2nd objective once in a while but that’s about it.

  • I’ll test 32bit and see if I still get the server browser lock ups.


    Crashed my bloody game again.

  • crashes every time I join server in eyefinity now. 32 and 64 bit

    gg tb. solid patchwork as always

  • happened to me twice in one day after the patch then it stopped. I had never had a problem with it before the patch.

  • Yeah mine’s crashing more often now, too. In both 32 and 64 bit. Especially on Cold Front

  • Can’t play at all. MW and DW crashes from the launcher. I can load MW from the .exe but fuck that. I’m a DW guy.

  • I just crashed on the last objective of dark forest….

  • It freezes and crashes here.

  • I was playing TO on citadel today and during the obj with the cages like 2/3 of the server crashed including myself

  • @MichaelTurtles:

    I was playing TO on citadel today and during the obj with the cages like 2/3 of the server crashed including myself

    This always happens on that stage for some reason.

    What’s even more strange is that people still like that map and constantly votechangemap to Citadel.



  • About 5 or so people (myself included) froze and crashed on the 2nd objective of Stoneshill today. This is getting worse.

  • yeah it crashes in coldfront.

    lets get rid of coldfront (and citadel)

  • Strangely enough today there was a mass crash on stoneshill. The ram came out. And suddenly the server was almost empty. Many rejoined all saying they had a crash. I though mass crashes only happened on citadel.

  • crashed twice today pretty many hours apart, and had several lockups with it coming back after a moment. Seemed to be when i would switch classes and sometimes just when strafing or something. Not sure if i can tie it to any specific actions on my part. I think i can account for one crash because evga precision closed and my fan curve wasn’t working and therefore not cooling my gpu at the time properly. The other, it just crashed. Haven’t checked event log yet to see why.

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