Team Recruitment PUGs (NA)

  • Hey all. I started a Steam Group to organize some Pick-up games for players interested in joining a team to play with representatives from recruiting teams. This is hopefully going to expand the comp scene a bit and serve as an introduction for a lot of players to a bit more coordinated play (though true coordinated teamplay is best found once you’re on a team :P)

    It is a private group for now to make sure that it isn’t flooded by folks who just aren’t ready at all. New players will grow and get better and we’ve all been there, but we’re really more interested in folks that are at least at the stage where they can show promise.


    • Be rank 40 or above. I’ve invited some folks that are high 30’s if I’ve seen them play above their level but as far as the public goes limiting it to rank 40+'s is a time saving measurement.
    • Link your steam profile here asking me to invite you to the steam group.

  • can i join?? im interested in comp play

  • Thanks to all that attended the first PUG! I got some positive feedback and I hope ya’ll had fun. Given that this one went well, we’re looking at hosting another one next weekend (not this upcoming one but the one after).

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