Official "everything" server

  • Our current server system does not seem to include multiple gamemodes (often). And as much as I like playing only TO or only TDM (I don’t really), why can’t there be a server with every map, and every gamemode? I’m not talking about only the vanilla maps, most of the SDK maps have literally no servers running them; couldn’t this server support them too?

    “No.” Most of you are saying, “they cannot”. I understand that the majority of people dislike KOTH and CTF, and prefer to play ffa instead. I also understand that people don’t necessarily want to download SDK maps, but there must be some people like me who like a little variety.

    Or maybe not; I could be all alone. I guess I’ll find out by the comments.

  • I have a pretty good mix on my server as well as a few custom maps that are uploaded but not in rotation. I am slowly adding more maps every week I try and upload one. The reality is that you can vote for any map you want on any server, for the most part, except customs.

    |ĶiĻă| Thunderdome server FTW

  • XD

    I went on your server earlier today.

    And yes, the rotation was mixed, but it wasn’t _every_​ map.

  • Umm, classic servers? Doesn’t have every map in every mode in the rotation but you can vote in any map on any mode in those.

  • Have you ever tried voting in CTF? It’s not going to happen. Voting in maps is very difficult as people want to just stay playing the map they’re on.

    Every map should be in the rotation.

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