Materials questions…

  • Hey guys,

    I’m struggling for a decent while with 2 things:

    -How to enable Heightblend in Landscape for layers???

    all trickps and tips from internet does not work for me : (

    -How to solve out this weird shadows???

    all meshes use same material
    I tried to use also simplier material not Minstance just for test where was only 1 texture sample in diffuse node and 1 in normal node it looked same :(

  • Is that multiple different static meshes or 1 model? You may need to tweak the UVs so it doesn’t stretch out the textures inconsistently.

  • hey Dudeface,

    thankx for reply :),

    it’s composed from different models

    hmm those UVs could be fixed too, ur right

    do you mean to add UV pannig to material or sth like that?

    but only thing I can do with it is change material and even when I used another material it always strecth it this way

    when I right clicked on mesh properties and tried some settings there it couldn’t save it cuz it’s cooked package or sth like that error…

    I know how to tweak UVs on BSP but I don’t know how to do it with finished meshes
    if you can shortly advice how I will look into it :)

    but UVs are minor, shadows are visible from long distances and it doesn’t look nice

    is there a way how to edit somehow this cooked meshes from TB?


    another importnat thing

    that block of wall uses same material for all 6 sides,
    so actually I can’t strecth UVs even if I would know how to, cuz then it would strecth it also on next side (not visible on screen) and then problem would be just on other place… :(

  • Developer

    The weird shadows are a smoothing / mesh normal issue. Is that a custom mesh or one of ours? If it’s one of ours I would recommend just finding a replacement mesh or two.

    You can’t change UVs on a mesh inside the editor, but you can calculate new UVs based on world coordinates. An example of this in Chiv would be wall materials in Hillside, such as:

    As for landscape heightblend, what isn’t working for you? Coldfront and Outpost both use it on their landscape materials if you want to see a material where it works.

  • Hey Tyler,

    woow thanks so much for so quick and good really helpful advice,
    I appreciate it very much :) :) :)

    • I tried Landscape on Coldfront and still it doesn’t work for me, so when u say it works I suppose Heightblend is sth different than I considered it so far

    I wanted to paint steep slopes on Landscape automatically with some rock texture

    meanwhile I discovered some material formula in Stoneshill terrain material and this works perfectly for me!
    so this is solved out now

    • sad to know that I can’t fix those shadows :(

    yes, it is your mesh:

    I can’t / don’t want to use another mesh for my little castle

    StaticMesh’Walls_towers.Walls.Castle_wall_BG’ is best brick 2016
    battlements has good collsions really good for player u can’t jump on them which is importnat for me on my map cuz attacker have only 1 ladder but defebders can shoot through arrow slits in battlements….

    its’s really best wall you gave in editor (I am going to learn Blender later and then I will be able to make my own, but for now this is best for me)

    thank you for nudge with UVs, so I tried it:

    it fixed most things apparently:

    but new issue appeared now, not shadow but actually texture itself is f.cked up xD

    but as I luv LEGO:

    it wasn’t that big issue and I’m quite satisifed with this

    well it’s not 100%, but it doesnt affect gameplay so that’s that
    I think it looks much better now, it doesn’t break your eye at first sight

    Thank you both Tyler and Dudeface again for quick help :)

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