Invulnerable of lava in Mines map: MAA trick!

  • So I was playing chivalry later this day on the Mines map on duel mode. My opponent was a man at arms, no problem right?
    But then he threw his firepot at the edge of the lava-lake, then he ran right threw the fire and fell in the lava! But the problem is: he didn’t die.

    So I tried this myself and it worked, even when you are an other class, if there is fire at the edge and you run through it quick enough, you are invulnerable of the lava.

    When you play man at arms it will go like this:

    1: go to the edge of the lava at Mines map.
    2: throw the firepot right before you on the ground so that you are on fire.
    3: when you are on fire because of the firepot, quickly run or jump in the lava but you won’t die!

    You will eventually just walk on the bottom of the lava and other players can’t reach you.

    I am posting this secret/glitch because I hope Torn Banner can do something about it, for it is really unfair for you or the opponent.

  • i believe its already been reported , it should be a trivial fix

    it would take me 2 minutes to add a kill volume that kills anyone that clips through the magma

  • Yep, I reported this a few months ago, I think.

    It’s a rather annoying bug as people are fond of constantly showing other random strangers that just want to play some LTS/Duel that they know how to do it.

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