Flinch in recovery?

  • Maybe i have it all wrong, but when you get hit in recovery isnt that supposed to flinch you back into idle so you can block again? Im pretty sure thats how it used to work. And sometimes i think it does actually work like that, while others, i get hit during my extremely long maul recovery, and continue on with my recovery animation even after i get hit, not letting me block even the second or sometimes rarely third hit in a combo. Can i get some clarification here? I thought getting hit in recovery is supposed to interrupt your recovery phase.

    Also TBS why didnt you bring back team flinch in the last patch……

  • Pretty sure you used to be flinched in recovery allowing you to parry after taking a hit.

    Really helped in 1vX situations alot.

    Now you are just kinda fucked it seems.

    Pretty cool how Vanguards and Knights have the slowest recovery times while MAA can just dodge out of their flinch.

    I got a nice dose of that along with Thrusting Dagger + Heater while I was fighting with Gauntlet last night.

    Nothing like smacking a MAA with a big sword just for him to almost instantly stab you back twice in a row while you can only sit there and watch it happen.

    Team Flinch really does need to be a server option, too.

  • Yes, thank you, i knew i wasnt crazy. Game was much better when getting hit flinched you out of recovery.

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