Constant Crashing and No Servers Showing Up

  • Edit: After turning off a program called “Game Booster 3”, the servers started to show up and I’m no longer crashing. Could this possibly be the cause? Game Booster simply closes unnecessary programs I don’t need for games to improve performance. I’m kind of afraid to turn it back on or exit the game, since everything is working just fine right now.
    I was trying to sort the server list, but it kept crashing me.

    After crashing a few times, servers stopped showing up. I tried the “official fix” posted on this forum, and that worked until I crashed again. Once more, I don’t see any servers.

    I’m also constantly crashing when playing a game with bots.

    Anyone have any idea why I’m crashing? I’ve crashed more than 20 times within the past hour. They seem to get more and more frequent each time.

    My system specs:
    Windows 7 Home Premium SP2
    Intel® Core™ i5-2430M CPU @ 3.0GHz
    AMD Radeon™ HD 6650M, 2 GB VRAM
    3.79 GB RAM
    1600x900 Resolution

    I’m playing on the lowest settings possible (and getting terrible FPS with anything other than low).

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