Commonly known glitch (I think)

  • I’m sure there are other posts about this, but it’s not fixed yet, so I’m going to assume that I’m the only one that knows.

    “The knight can wield a two-handed sword with one hand, as long as the other hand holds a shield” -knight trainer
    Well that quote is wrong.

    1. Pick a knight with a sword and a shield (I used sword of war, kite shield and the third mace)
    2. Press 1 to equip your shield
    3. Select your secondary
    4. Unequip your shield
    5. Select your primary

    You will be using your two-handed sword with one hand, and it looks hilarious.
    Easy to reproduce.

    To revert:
    1. Select your secondary
    2. Equip your shield
    3. Return to your primary, you will be able to use your shield now.

  • I think everyone knows this.

  • it’s a feature and you’re supposed to do it by pressing 1 two times

  • Cool glitch.

    (Sorry to disappoint you man, but everyone already knew this.)
    I suppose those descriptions could use an overhaul but then again, the whole training is due for one.

  • Yeah XD

    I knew everyone knew.
    But like I said, it’s still there.

  • …Or just press 3 while having shield and sword in the hands.


  • torn banner made it a feature

  • it was an unfinished feature for a long time

    i got accused of hacking a lot for using it back in the day

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