Maul Skin - a "noble maul" for our lords and ladies

  • Dear lords and ladies,

    it´s an honor to present you the most noblest maul in the chivalry world…so far.

    I´ve started modelling a few days ago and experimented a horrible amount of time and made
    3 or 4 mauls until i managed to create one with a good mix of enough details and not too much triangles. :smug:

    Now, after 2 days of texturing im able to present you the result. :highly_amused:

    The pics are still made in Blender, because i have still some way to go with all the material and bones stuff and
    requirements that are needed to get this thing into the udk and to make it possible to use it ingame.
    ( I didnt watched the parts of my favorite tutorial series to manage these things yet… :livid: )

    The final result gonna have a more shiny realistic looking metal and gold. Maybe ill add some
    other cool effects too, if possible.

    The maul in comparison to the original:

    Some details on the handle, with old wooden part :S:

    Note: in the pics the maul looks a bit brighter than in reality
    Model specs: LOD 0: 5112 triangles

    I hope you guys gonna like it… and if not, feel free to tell me how you think it would look better.
    Im open minded and the texture could be changed easily. :stung:


  • Looks like it would break with a single hit.

  • Dont worry, it wont.
    Thats only the weird camera angle…

    Edit: Weird pics removed… comparison to riginal added :)

  • Personally I’m not a fan of the head,
    and I think you should remove your weird angle pic or atleast put your newer pic first. Made a bad impression.

    Staff and handle looks great though!

  • Thanks for your advice.

    I changed the bad pic with the newer one.
    Looks much better now. :welcoming:

    And yes, the head doesnt look as brutal as spikes or a bigass metal part would look like…i agree.

    But this wont be my first maul skin, so i guess a little variety wont harm anyone. :angel:

  • Love the handle, hate the head. Remember, we want realism and authenticity more than fantasy.

  • Hmmm, i wasnt sure about the head aswell… Then i started texturing and yeah.
    But at least it was a good practice ;D

    I guess im going back to the drawing board and start again, with the handle in mind probably. ;)


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