• After your last update the game crashes a lot, a lot more then it did before, and im not the only one with that issue.

    When are you going to fix it?

  • Its hard to believe that TBS keeps on making so many mistakes in the updates!!! Are TBS a professionel developer company or is it just some kids having fun, very hard to tell!!!

  • I can’t vouch for TBS professionality, as it’s not relevant, but the same game running on different software, with different hardware, supported by different drivers, does not behave the same way in all computers by design. You just have to accept the fact that machines are not perfect.

    - Oh, but why does <big game="">from <big professional="" company="">works OK for everybody! SURELY THEY DO THINGS BETTER</big></big><big game=""><big professional="" company="">
    Answer: Maybe they do code better, but you are wrong in thinking that said big game runs OK for 100% of its players. Just look at their support forums. There will always be unfortunate people that can’t run the game.

    I used to work at tech support for a top3 software company and you would not believe the crazy shit that would happen for no apparent reason. And people would be pissed. But what can you possibly do to fix their stuff? Try your best in troubleshooting terms. If there were magical fixes, believe me, software companies would not have QA or support teams.

    I’m sure TBS doesn’t have access to dozens of different hardware/software configurations. A good rule when programming is to make a good program that doesn’t rely on the underlying hardware for stability but I don’t think this is entirely possible when making a game.

    So, I suggest you upload your log and crash dmps (inside My Documents\My Games\Chiv…\UDKGame\Logs, or maybe Chiv…\Logs) to Dropbox, Mediafire or any other file hosting so that TB can look into the issue. Maybe when comparing lots of debug data they can determine what rule causes all these crashes.

    If this issue affects 1000 ppl and only 2% upload their logs, things will not be easily fixed… at least for most of those 1000 guys.</big></big>

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