Its spreading.

  • The mass crash that everyone gets on citadel has now found its way to stoneshill. I was on a server when it suddenly dropped to a quarter of the people who were playing. All that rejoined said they crashed. And on the steam forums people have been complaining about this recently also.

    I didn’t crash so I can’t really help but it happens.

  • I sure hope this won’t happen to Coldfront.

    Oh, wait.

    When did the crash exactly happen? More and more topics about Stoneshill crashing keep popping up/getting bumped but I have yet to see it happen for myself.

  • Strangely enough the beginning of the second objective.

    I have no idea if this is related but there was also a random peasant cowering over by the gate in the same game. Peasants don’t go over there. And this one was stationary.

  • Only time I ever crash on Stoneshill is beginning of 2nd objective. It’s actually the most common crash I get. It’s been happening to me for months tho.

  • I’d never seen it happen or heard anyone complain about it. This is the first time I’ve seen a 32 player server go down to 10 people.

  • Well, what do all these crash occurrences have in common? They all seem to take place right after an objective change, plus, they happen in maps where players have access to Ballistas.

    The Stoneshill crash, specifically, I reported previously, always has a ballista shot impacting near you right before CMW.exe stops responding.

    I swear I always hear a ballista nearby right before it crashes. Maybe I’m just crazy, but who knows.

  • possibly related to the nefarious invisible catapult user bug.

  • We get similar crashes when the agatha spawn bug happens and the pings increase. If those don’t kill the server we usually see a mass dc. Although this is different from the citadel objective bug

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