Cudgel Skin - Training Sword

  • Been working on a wooden sword variant of the cudgel.

    I’m not sure whats going on with the sizes as I thought I was supposed to be modeling after the fbx file that had the bones attached as in the following picture. Maybe I attached the model to the bones incorrectly?

    Some models and their LODs are the same while others are stretched? Claymore vs Greatsword.

    Anyway I’ll be working on this for a while. The model itself could use more detail. It’s only around 1000 triangles. The textures need a lot of work too. I want to add battle damage to the leading edges and some wear and tear all over. The specular map is a little ridiculous right now.

    Some questions I still have:
    Does the highest poly version of a weapon still use a normal map?
    Do we still need to create the LOD versions of our submissions?
    Is there any way to test what our weapon would look like in game, not just as a mesh?

  • hahaha, very nice

  • Neato, I always liked to think of the Cudgel as a sort of training sword. Just increase the triangles and get the size right and you’re golden.

  • Looks great

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