Broadsword and Thrusting dagger skin - Rapier and Rondel dagger

  • Hi

    Here are a couple skins I’ve been working on, a rapier-style replacement for broadsword, and a rondel dagger replacement for thrusting dagger.

    Feedback appreciated!

  • They look great, textures are nice and the overall design is pretty as well, but there’s one issue:

    The rapier does not look like a broadsword at all. I’m worried that no one will be able to recognize the weapons with exotic designs like these that are so different from the originals. TBS should create a workaround for that; perhaps have the enemy weapon icon display when aiming your cursor at him.

    In the meantime I think it’d be more recognizable as a Sword of War skin.

  • looks great!

  • They look awesome, but as Monsteri said, it looks absolutely nothing like a Broadsword. It could be confused as a BS, Norse, Shortsword, Sabre, etc. Not sure how you would work around this though without scrapping the whole thing :P

  • Add it as a new weapon of course! :D

  • Seems more like a Saber skin to me.

    If there was such a nice Rapier available as Saber skin I would definitely, although it might not be completely historically accurate, try out HEXEN’s Pirate Elite Setup.

  • Yeah it would be more fitting for a sabre skin. Sabre and broadsword aren’t too different in size so I don’t think simply scaling it would stretch/compress textures too much if at all. But yeah many people will jump to the conclusion that its a sabre.

  • this looks really awesome! :)

  • rapier looks great! :D

  • These skins look amazing. I hope I’ll manage to get on a similar level sometime soon, lol.

    Sabers usually have curved blades. The reason some may think it looks like one is from the elaborate guard.
    At any rate, it’s kinda skinny looking for a _broad_sword. It might work better as a SoW with a longer ricasso.

  • It might work better as a SoW with a longer ricasso.

    Oh shit this would be sexy. Do this OP.

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