Deadliest Warriors needs an update TB

  • First of all as a developer when you make an expansion for your fans especially one based off a hit TV show to help promote it (dam spike TV commercials) and take our money because we paid for it then all of a sudden walk away counting the cash you will come off as a scum bag. This is what I constantly read in the chat about you guys (TB)
    This is your latest expansion to MW and not even a year later there has not been a decline in players and not one patch to fix any of the existing issues since day one and nothing new added such as new weapons, new maps, in game voice chat ( Its 2014 come on now) and at least new and better character customization. The game also needs a serious balance and bug patch, To be honest I have more fun playing DW more than MW because vanguards that do super saiyan jumps with 50 feet reach sword swings and elitist jerks ruin my fun factor for MW. Only thing I like about MW is that there is a lot of servers that disable 3rd person use. If you got to use 3rd person to play this game then please go play World of Warcraft and get out this epic first person slasher world were only real bad asses play. Anyways Torn Banner please stop hiding from us DW players and only making content for Chivalry vanguard super saiyan warfare.

    Anyways Torn Banner please at least give us a update if you plan on give DW some love.

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