PLS increase workshop limit from 400 MB to 500 MB

  • Hey guys,

    I will soon finish TO map for my workshop and I’d like to add other modes too…

    I intented 5 maps in total at fisrt but that’s not possible with limits we have…

    so TO + TD + LTS is fine
    but some ppl asked for FFA as well and that 100 MB incerase should be sufficient for me to add FFA too

    I wouldn’t ask for this if there would be another way,
    but yestarday I made secret test and created new workshop with totally different name of workshop item, different name of udk file ofc. but it didn’t work well
    I think because another map shared same package as my first normal item (map)

    so to avoid absolutely unnecessary problems in future I will not release 2 workshops with same package nor I will risk crashes with renaming and resaving old package to different name……

    after all experience with this I gained,
    there is enough problem situations also without my assistance

    please increase to 500 MB if u can please it’s not too much different from 400 and it could help many many modders including me


    TO map is about 120 MB on HDD
    (after cook and upload it’s even smaller)
    but Steam limit 400 MB is for HDD size not for size that is shown on workshop, so my map is really small

    (I made smallest Landscape possible,
    I have no decorations static meshes
    only what’s really necessary, I can’t make it smaller it seems this is max I tried hard really)

  • No offense, but erm…

    Do you need another 100MB for 1 gamemode? Are you currently at 399MB?

    Set up the level’s landscape, meshes, ambience and such in levels called MapName_art.udk and MapName_sound.udk.

    Those should be streamed levels because you will be using them for every gamemode.
    Now for every gamemode you add, like FFA, you make a new level that only has the following:

    *Player spawns
    *Gamemode-specific Kismet
    *World Info set up to the desired gamemode
    *Some optional barricades to limit the size of the map

    Then just include the MapName_art.udk and MapName_sound.udk as streaming levels.
    Or well actually, include the streaming levels first otherwise there’s no way of telling where to place the spawns! :D

    Forgive me if this is what you’re doing already, but it seems rather odd to me that it costs 100MB just to add 1 gamemode.

  • Hey Rickvs! nunuu am cool with it I didn’t take as offense no way :)

    actually TO map is 120 MB so 360 MB is ok but 480 not so yeah 100 MB would help me xD xD

    but thank you so much for advice! I really apreciate :)

    yeah I saw some maps doing this streaming,
    I haven’t looked into it yet, and there was no need for it as well
    so now I can see practical example why streaming is important and good :D (hmm so that’s why stock maps have 2 mb only ok :D)

    but it seems like this could help me a lot (I mean really a lot, eventulally I reduced Landscape….
    difference between 2017x2017 vs 509x509 is 500 MB so really this will help me A LOT Landscape is most MB in map it seems :D)

    and maybe I will eventually add 5 modes as intended from start

    so I will make some research and look into this thank you :)

    PS: anyway 500 MB limit can’t make any harm TB ;)

  • Developer

    People generally don’t seem to like downloading even just 100 MB before they can play a map in the first place. Like Rickvs said, you should set up streaming levels if you do multiple modes, it not only reduces total disk usage but it also makes it so you don’t need to copy/paste things around to update all your different versions.

    The thing that causes maps to be so many megabytes is all the lightmaps, which are really just hundreds or thousands of textures. One thing you can do to decrease size is lower the landscape’s “static lighting resolution”. You can also try compressing your shadowmaps for a bit of additional savings (in world properties, lightmass, bottom of lightmass settings). Also make sure you’re only cooking your final maps and not keeping any old/outdated/test versions you don’t want people to play.

  • Thank you Tyler for very good explanations and advice :)

    I will definitely make that level streaming

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