Map Contest Feedback - What happened??

  • So I’m posting this wondering what happened to the map feedback from TB. Any news or particular reason it hasn’t been given out yet?

  • Feedback will go out to the winning maps shortly (Pending sign offs by creators). All others will be by request of interested creators(there were 45+ entries.)

  • Okay. Consider this my formal request then, when time allows.

  • And from mew too. Feedback appreciated on GrailCastle and Irilla please.

  • Feedback would be also nice for Hideout.

  • I thought feedback was going to be provided to map makers who they thought were still good enough to be a part of the official game as well as the winning map entries. I guess they must be busy trying to fix up some of the winning maps first.

  • I had the same thoughts like otreum. Now it is feedback by request? Ok… one feedback plz. :)

  • We will be posting the feedback from our judging playtests to help nudge map creators towards a bit more polish and balance in their levels. We will be looking to the community for help in providing feedback for map creators.

    But then…

    All others will be by request only.

    So… yeah. I think there’s some very bad miscommunication going around. Honestly, there’s nothing fair about making people beg to get their feedback. Everyone put some considerable effort into the contest. So everyone should get the same treatment. Not just people in the “Winners only” club.

    But then there is this too.

    We will be looking to the community for help in providing feedback for map creators.

    That helps no one, because just from personal experience from other games, most people don’t have time or care to spend the time to write some review.
    Average gamer:
    1.) Just wants to play.
    2.) If its not fun, or is a bit buggy, it automatically sucks they just check it off and never vote to play it again.
    3.) Since it’s not fun, they tell other people it sucks and word of mouth is more detrimental than anything else.

    So most map authors get left with whatever it is that they’ve got. And since gameplay is so important anymore, no other efforts are valid until it’s fun to play and absolutely bug free. So it eventually becomes an effort wasted, and what could be some really good community made content, just sits there on the Workshop collecting dust. So if Torn Banner doesn’t have time, and the community doesn’t have time to give feedback, why bother at all?

    For the sake of a portfolio, if that even.

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