Randomly attacking

  • Sometimes my character will randomly do an overhead when I haven’t even touched the button, it happens heaps now. No it’s not the scroll button sticking because I rebound the attacks to singular keys to see what would happen and it still happens.

  • This gets me killed so much, I’ll try to parry but end up feinting a random overhead that I didn’t queue and get waxed.

  • What somtimes happens to me is that I do a combo, get kicked mid combo and after the kick stun my guy tries to continue with the combo, which most of the times is not a good idea.

  • Same here, but I must say I’ve been getting it less frequently as of late.

    CFTP frequently won’t work for me as well. I start an attack, hit someone, am about to combo into another attack to feint to parry it, but instead it doesn’t respond at all and I’m forced to take 1-2 blows during the very slow recovery of my original swing that was supposed to follow up into another feintable attack.

    The weird thing is that I get this a lot with slow 2handed weapons but never with a 1hander.
    Either I’m just seeing things and get hit before trying to combo, which could explain the slow recovery and not being able to combo, or there’s really something off with slow recoveries.

  • never happened to me

  • Happens somewhat frequently, a bit less often since the recent patch though. Doesn’t seem to ever happen with 1H.

    Plz fix

    probably the states netcode is somewhat fucked

  • I have this a lot.

  • happens all the fucking time. also when i cftp with a shield it will go up for a split second then go down by itself usually ending in me getting hit. this game is unbelievably broken.

  • this happens to me as well but with stabs instead, it’s quite annoying.

  • TBS please look at this…

  • Its the que jumping or pressed buttons. Some times as I respawn my sword does a swing. Without me pressing a button.
    I pressed parry and attack 3 times fast for a test. When then released both buttons the sword then swings. This could
    also account for many van team hits as they lmb so much the que is full hence swords swing out. In Q3 press jump in
    air instead and release the que makes you jump on landing. Or use it to spring of pads or falling of ledges

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