Ping limit

  • I don’t know for sure weather this is a bug or intentional, or just something nobody bothered to change, but the counter for your ping caps at 988.

    On the nearest TO servers I get 1000+ ping, and I’d like to know exactly how much higher than 1000 it is. Now it’s just stuck at 988 for most of the game.

  • This can’t be serious. Sorry if it is, but… uhm…

  • Sometimes it drops to 100-200, and then it’s playable XD

    And sometimes it’s even below 100, and then it’s good. It’s just annoying when when the ping counter caps at 988.

    Edit: The first 10 servers are usually fine, (40 ping or so) but those are all ffa/duel.

  • I think it’s common sense to just assume that when your ping goes over 150, you’re breaking the game for people instead of just yourself.

    Any ping higher than that and it’s precise value shouldn’t really even matter anymore. It’s just too damn high.

    Look at it this way. With the current cap, there’s a small (0,01%) chance of not being votekicked for high ping. People might say “Please kick this lagger with 1000 ping” to which you can reply “But I’m not lagging. It’s just 988”.

  • I had 600 ping once, and I didn’t get kicked. I’m not lying. (I do get kicked most of the time though)

    But remember what I said, “Nearest TO server”. Does that mean I’m not allowed to play TO?

    Still, it should be fixed. I think I got up to 2000 once, but I can’t be sure because of the stupid limit.

  • Do you live in Antarctica?

  • Okay okay, I’m exaggerating a bit. It’s not like that for most of the game, but yeah, sometimes I get bad ping. Sometimes it’s up to 988. I just want people to know that there are people that get ping that high, and there shouldn’t be a cap there.

  • @ChuckingIt:

    Do you live in Antarctica?

    Nah its the moon.

    I can can actually get pretty good ping on games that have Antarctic servers. No lies.

  • Really though.
    Why 988? Why not just 999 at least? Very annoying.

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