[WIP] The Spatha - Broadsword skin.

  • This is the Infantry variant of the spatha. A late period roman sword which was the mother of all medieval swords. After the fall of the roman empire it was used from the Portuguese coast all the way to the middle of modern day Turkey. It was predominantly used in France and Germany until it evolved into swords like the broadsword and norse sword.

    The infantry variant has the triangular tip whereas the cavalry sword has a rounded tip.

    I haven’t finished the handle yet. I might even redo that whole part.

  • Looks more like norse to me.

  • Looks nice, but amost exactly like norse.

  • It might look like a norse sword because the norse sword is not too different from a spatha. Also depends on which region of Europe the spatha is from. Some have hilts that looks just like the gladuis’, some that are found further up north have hilts that look similar to viking swords.

    This is the typical viking sword hilt:

    This is the typical spatha sword hilt:

    But the spatha can also look like this:

    The wikipedia article about the spatha mentions the word “viking” 18 times, and it has a section just about the viking age and the spatha, first line saying “Perhaps the most distant recognizable cousins to the spatha were the Viking Age blades.”

  • Because the hilt isn’t wide?

    Norse and and broadsword look closer in terms of the blade which is almost the same. That’s a straight edged blade rather than one that goes inwards steadily.

    that’s Norse.
    that’s broadsword.

    Really the only difference between them is the hilt. And the current Norse sword sling looks completely different from everything. It has a wasp blade with an ornate hilt and handle.

    It’s as long as a broadsword and the indentations stop in the same place as the broadsword while the Norse sword indentation stop almost at the tip. It also has a different blade as all other 1 handed swords skins and all.

    Though I did say I didn’t like the handle. So I can change that to be similar to the broadsword. The broadsword has that circular pommel. I might make something similar.

    Edit: lol ninja post savage. But I’m thinking of doing something like the second spatha you have there. And me images aren’t working. Brilliant. Can this not do png’s?

    The spatha was used by the Vikings. And the Germans, English, French, Spanish, Greeks, Byzantines. The last of which were pretty much medieval Romans anyway.

  • I thought those swords were called a Gladius.

    Goddamn I really need to up my weapon knowledge here.

  • Gladius:


  • The gladius was around 60-80cm long. Used by roman infantry from the middle of the 3rd century BC till about the end of the 2nd century AD. Some had wasp styled blades and they had different cutting edge types throughout the years. There’s about 4 known variants. All had a triangular tip like in the picture.

    The spatha on the other hand was closer to a metre in length on average. A long straight blade. Cavalry versions had a rounded tip to prevent the rider from stabbing his horse or his foot while riding. Infantry variants had a pointed tip some even were triangular like the Gladius. It replaced the gladius as the main infantry sword as roman tactics changed. These swords have the roman soldier more flexibility in forest engagements as well as a better capability to fight on his own. The gladius in combination with the scutum depended on the whole line. The spatha in combination by an oval shield meant the legionary could do far better in a 1 on 1 engagement.

  • I like it. Doesn’t look like a Norse sword to me. Can’t wait to see it what it looks like when it’s textured.

  • @Knifelegs:

    I like it. Doesn’t look like a Norse sword to me. Can’t wait to see it what it looks like when it’s textured.

    I suck balls at texturing lol. If anyone wants to do it for me I’ll go 60/40 on the revenue split.

  • I’d like to take a shot at it!

  • Cool. I’ll just finish up the handle first. I use 3ds max BTW.

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