Ideas for modders

  • I couldn’t model any thing to save my life but with the new arms n armor contest I can atleast share my ideas with the modders

    pitch fork (4prongs)
    basket hilt
    butchers knife/cleaver
    a 1h weapon with an axe on 1 side and a blunt hammer end on the other (not sure if real just an idea)

    pigface helm
    bascinet helm

    a pierce shield (it has a big spike in the center)

    well that’s all I can think of for now just google images anything written here and you find it no problem

  • These weapons can only be reskins of current weapons so I think you’re out of luck if you want a pike, since there are no polearms in Chivalry that are 3-7 meters long.

    A tulwar is really far out from the medieval Europe. First, it’s from India. Second, I think it’s later than the medieval period. But sure, I guess, could replace the saber.

    Rapier and basket-hilted swords are also later than the medieval era, but they are european so whatever, they would be cool.

    Estoc would be weird since they have no sharp edges, only a very sharp and stiff point. So slash attacks shouldn’t actually do slash damage, but since it’s a reskin, it totally will. It’d be better to remodel like a spear, with the same animations, but it would be too long.

    Agatha Knight already got a bascinet. A pig-faced bascinet is still a bascinet. What differs the bascinets from eachother are the different visors and their shape.

    What the hell is a pierce shield? I googled it and it’s a small dome shield with a huge spike from the game Dark Souls. Sorry, no fan of it.

    People are still free to create these if they want! I just posted my opinion on some of the suggestions.

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