Tempest is now in open recruitment!

  • **Join the #1 Team in North America

    Tempest is now seeking new members of moderate skill to train to be among the best. All classes are needed, so anyone can apply. The recruitment process will be somewhat lengthy: a minimum of two weeks. Some recruits may be officially accepted before others. The process will also be competitive due to the amount of spots available. Some people will not make the cut, but we highly encourage anyone who doesn’t make it to try their luck with another clan or maybe even consider forming their own. Also, we discourage anyone in an existing clan from trying out unless we contact you specifically. We don’t want to take members from other clans and hurt the scene.


    • First person view only!
    • Active in Chivalry
    • The potential and determination to improve
    • Mumble voip - http://sourceforge.net/projects/mumble/
    • Dedication to the recruitment process: Show initiative, be available, ask how you can improve and stick with it since it won’t be quick or easy.
    • If you play knight or vanguard, you must be proficient with at least two weapons for your class. Also it’s encouraged to play both knight and vanguard since flexibility is valued. Spend most of your time on one class and loadout though.


    Recruits that are officially accepted into Tempest will be judged on the following:

    • Overall performance in scrims. Also performance in pick-up games will be noted.
    • How well you fit in with the team in terms of personality and team synergy.
    • Your performance compared to that of other recruits going through training.


    There will be 3 formal practices each week, starting Saturday, August 30th. All recruits will be required to attend at least 1 practice every week. Attending all practices is advised. The practice times are:

    • Wednesdays at 7 PM CST
    • Saturdays at 6 PM CST
    • Sundays at 6 PM CST

    Outside of these practices we will let anyone that is available onto the roster for whatever scrims we have, but only one person at a time unless it is more than a 5v5. This is the primary way you will be judged so try to be available to scrim. Scrims are scheduled somewhat randomly, so just try to be on Steam in the evenings. You don’t have to be on the game if you are busy. Outside of scrims there will be pick-up games that we will invite you to join in on. Also, just generally dueling with us or even playing on public servers with us will help develop teamwork.
    Complaining about feinting, drags, reverse overheads, etc, will not be tolerated.

    Signing Up

    Make a post on this thread and give the following information:

    If you don’t have a forum account, make one!

    Contact Information



    Add Spook and myself so you can message us when needed and so that we can contact you in case of a scrim, pick-up game, etc.

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  • Can i join?

  • can i join?

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  • @zombojoe:

    can i join?

    Who’d want you?

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  • @ChuckingIt:

    Who’d want you?

    any team that wants to win duh


  • Steeze
    357 hours
    Knight - SoW/Broad

  • I would like to apply.

    • Steam Username - mdh132
    • Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:43774372
    • Hours logged on Chivalry - 573 hours
    • Class - Man at arms
    • Main weapon - Norse Sword


  • top clan 8/8 m8

  • This is a very good thread with good structure by a clan imo. It reminded me of the old Q3ctf league clans and
    recruitment site were many clans had this quality about them with such recruitment threads.
    Why I almost want to move to NA just to apply.

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  • sine me up

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  • I would be thrilled to apply!

    • Steam Username- Fallerent
    • Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:53380744
    • Hours logged on Chivalry- 196 hours
    • Class- Primarily Vanguard, although I enjoy Knight well enough.
    • Main weapon- Claymore as Vanguard, although Halberd/Polehammer handle well for me and the Zweihänder used to be my crutch. As Knight I am best with axes, namely the Poleaxe, however at a time I used Maul a large amount and I am decent with Messer or Sword of War.

    However unnecessary this may be, I feel I should say- I am not the greatest player nor do I have exceptionally vast numbers of hours in-game. Class prevents me from playing more than 0-5 hours on any given weekday, generally closer to zero, the weekends being the time I primarily play. However, I do, as this thread requests, have the “potential and determination” to improve as well as the ability to function as a team and lead just about any server of which the majority of enemies aren’t spinning trebuchets of Satan. I really just want to be a part of a hardcore team of players with skill and humor that I can play with any time I am online. (and I want to kick ass in scrims just to show off a bit)

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