So far so amazing

  • Training and a few matches in, I can say besides a few glitchy movements (and I haven’t checked into binding keys yet), it is great.

    Visuals are good yet not impairing (like the insane haze and fog I found in wotr).

    Combat is perfect. Unlike most Paradox games preceding it, you don’t have to practice religiously to get into it. Right off the bat if you can time your block, you’re an okay enough player. It’s simple enough, yet consists of so many nice little nicks to learn to become great. Of course this is just a beginning speculation, and I won’t write a review until I’ve had more than 103 minutes to play, but so far I like it.

    I bought wotr as well, mainly because, well, medieval pvp games are such gems these days I had to. Immediately I was kinda frustrated by its trendy downed state (I’d duel someone, kill them, then get an arrow to the face and watch the dude I just bested get ressed. The guy who ressed him gets x6 more points than I did KILLING him. Not cool really, it just makes things all about numbers numbers numbers, not skill. Anyway, nuff ranting.) In short, Chivalry > WOTR. Not going to beat around the bush; the design in wotr was just like all preceding games and brought nothing new except a bad downed state system, bad horseback, and a straining haze-covered environment. Oh, and a leveling system… And the same annoying block system, which for people not used to it, isn’t fun.

    In Chivalry I ducked a swing and beheaded him. Feinting is also more polished of a concept in this game, as the player can’t permanently block all the time, so making him block really does **** him up.

    So far 11/10 and I’m tempted to say do yourselves a favor and buy this game just to support one of the few GOOD games I’ve found in this heaping pile of trash residing in my steam library.

    Anyway, just my few cents.

    Edit: in case I didn’t include: I’m a player who HATES when a game holds your hand and wipes your ass for you. This game lets you do it yourself, but at the same time it doesn’t force you to become a fanatic to become a skilled player. That’s success in my POV.

  • Developer

    Thanks man glad you really liked it!

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