[WIP] Spiked billhook - Billhook skin.

  • I saw something similar in a mod for mount and blade warband. I thought Screw it chivalry needs this and made it resemble it from memory while matching the chivalry specification. For some reason The billhook is only allowed 2000 Tris. No idea why.

  • Did you just combine fork and billhook?

  • Billfork. Forkhook.

  • Brandibillfork.

    Oh, the nightmares.

  • Billfork is an amazing name for it lol.

    I never saw it as a combination of the fork and billhook. I just remember seeing a billhook with a spike coming out the back of it. Though it didn’t curve like that with came out at two 45 degree angles.

    I was gonna make the shaft cylindrical but the normal billhook is already like that. So I made the shaft a cube like how the halberd shaft is.

    Also noticed in those pictures the smoothing is all bugged. Some faces are smoothed others are not.

  • Yeah, I’ve seen something similar of your billhook before as well.

    Googling around, I found this, called a fauchard.

    Here’s one billhook that looks like your model.

    Here something showing the evolution of different polearms like billhooks and fauchard.

  • Looks amazing!

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