Field -CTF/FFA/Duel/TD/LTS map

  • Link to workshop here:

    It’s just a field, really.

    A bunch of Masons are rampaging through the countryside, destroying Agathian infrastructure. They come across a small village and attack it’s market, where they set up camp. Some Agathian troops are stationed there; they must defend the village and stop the Masons at all cost.

    Bot support kinda :D
    Built with medium lighting, nothing fancy yet. Planning on adding KotH, but I don’t know where to position the hill to be balanced. I also plan on adding some foliage and improving the Mason camp.
    I acknowledge that there are some stuck spots around the sides, but I don’t know what to do about those.

    Map contains:
    -Agathian spawn-barn area
    -Foresty thing (Plan to add more trees)
    -Mason camp
    -Open field (With cover from archers)

    Also check out Cluster Barn, a map that should not exist but it needs to:

  • Uploading a version built with better lighting now, as well as other things. (More foliage in the forest and stuff)

  • New update! After numerous uploads I finally got it to look okay.
    Here are the change notes:

    -fixed some visual problems (and brought in more)
    -added some invisible walls
    -added a river (Made the field look more spacious. More steps will be done do improve upon this)
    -made the walls near the tower look nicer
    -Moved the wheelbarrow off to the side
    -removed the random ugly sticks near the Agatha spawn
    -Changed some spots that were too narrow
    -Other small fixes

    Credit to Zombojoe for solving my biggest problem.

    I am aware that it still looks really bad. The water is missing it’s texture for some reason, some of the foliage has no lighting, it still looks too cramped for a field, the terrain doesn’t look smooth at all etc. It’s playable though. So yay.

    I’ll hopefully be able to get some screenshots soon.

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