Bug leveling

  • Hello, excuse me if I write bad English I’m French.
    I post here because it’s impossible to exceed level 43 in Medieval warfare: at each end of the game the game forget to save my progress and I have not found any forum with the solution.
    At first it does not bothering me but now with over 340 hours of play I would like the max level.
    Thank you to answer me :)

  • Hmm. Well obviously this doesn’t affect everyone. Does the progress bar increase or does it just say that you haven’t got any xp? Also, I think there may be some servers that you don’t get xp for…

    I’d suggest you verify integrity of the game cache. Some file or something might have gone corrupt.

  • Playing on a modded servers (like giant slayers, black knight, etc) won’t give you any XP. Just to make things sure.

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