Mortal Online


    Just wondering if anyone here is playing the game and what do you think of the games state right now?

    Honestly i have been ingame since block a beta limited edition buyer 999. And the game has done nothing but really gave me nerd rage and headaches each and every patch.

    Just gona hope and give it another 2 months before unsubbing most likely.

  • It still sucks, too ambitious for the amateurish team behind it.

  • I quit playing MO after banging my head for a week in there. The game was on paper the most brilliant game yet to be made. Too bad it failed so hard. I think they kinda released the game like 2 years early.

    The only good thing that came out of MO was the devs used Age of Chivalry as inspirational gameplay during their lunchbreak ;)

  • Thats good to hear Drakir. Hope you guys got some good ideas from MO.

  • I still check up on it from time to time but I unsubbed a few months ago. It’s just not fun to play if you aren’t in a guild. That said, my first weeks of exploration and learning were really an amazing experience that I truly enjoyed. I’m also a 999er. At this point I doubt the game will become something I’d play and I’m just hoping the Lootbag is worth something someday.
    Teal pretty much summed up my thoughts.

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