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  • Hello there. I’m currently hosting my own dedicated server with no real issues to speak of. But, when I decided to host a custom map (Volcano), I’ve ran into some issues. Mainly, I can get the server to be up and running in the main server listing. And it says that the map and game are running. But, when I try to connect (either as an Admin or a player), the game only sits there on the server list, doing nothing. If I try to connect again, the game freezes and crashed to desktop.

    I’ve tried starting the server on a different map and changing it in game. It only tries to load for a bit, then crashes to the title screen with the error "Failed to locate package - “mapname” (in this case, Volcano). When I look at the command prompt for the server, one of the warnings says “AOCFFA-Volcano_p.udk is not a shipping level and should not be located in the CookedPC directory tree.”

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • How did you go about installing the map on your server?
    The volcano level’s .cmwsdk file should be inside \cookedSDK__CMWSDKFiles

  • @dudeface:

    How did you go about installing the map on your server?
    The volcano level’s .cmwsdk file should be inside \cookedSDK__CMWSDKFiles

    I had to download it via the Steam Workshop. I then was looking for help on how (and where) to install it. I have all the AOC Files. I just don’t know where to put them.

    Also, the .cmwsdk files in that folder aren’t named specifically. They look like this aocsdklevels_7cec4bb949296a702d88799628334502

  • Ah, yeah, not sure if there’s a way to find out the ID of that map in particular. Best way is to sort by date and figure it’s the most recently downloaded one, or check inside each folder in cookedSDK directory and then cross-reference (these folders have the same “aocsdklevels_7cec4bb949296a702d88799628334502” names as their .cmwsdk counterpart). If you find a aocto-volcano_p file in a particular folder, you know that’s the one.

    In any case, if you get the correct .cmwsdk file into your server’s __CMWSDKFiles\ folder, you should be good to go. It’ll automatically extract the file into it’s proper directory and all that. I assume you are manually moving these files in? Otherwise if you have access to the server’s start-up options there are easier ways to automatically have the server download maps.

  • What’s interesting is that my dedicated server doesn’t seem to have a CMWSDK folder. Should I just make one and, if so, where should I create it?

  • \UDKGame\CookedSDK__CMWSDKFiles
    (note the two underscores).

    Otherwise, if you can set the command line options for your server, just append
    “-sdkfileid=301824303” to it (without the quotes).

    301824303 is the steam workshop ID of this map, which I assume is what you are talking about (the ID is taken from the URL):
    This way every time you start your server it’ll check it for updates and automatically download it.
    For more information on doing things this way, see the relevant thread:

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