Hours played 3800

  • I am nearly at 1000 of T/O pub play but when on my other computer last week
    when checking recent players in my activity it was noted one had 3800 hrs.
    I forget who he/she is as its on my other rig packed away. Is this the highest
    hours played by one person?

  • was that dimon?

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    was that dimon?

    I really don’t know atm my steam on this pc only shows 51 days ago but asap I unpack that rig at weekend
    will let you know his name. He had a gold hat and I met him on a small but fantastic server with all game
    modes by rotation. dimon name does not seem familiar though.

  • We have an afk warrior in na with like 6k hours or something

  • clayters has lots

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    was that dimon?

    Please, Dimon has even more than 3800.

    WARSAW has 3800 hours in his epic hardcore fast paced action server.

  • Killendel has 5673 hours, but it’s mostly AFK time.

  • hot dang thats a lot of hours

  • Hours played as Knight are worth double points imo. Archer hours should be subtracted from total tbh and don’t count hehe.
    So its possible to fire up Chivalry but not play just to increase hours online ( its almost like bitcoin mining )

  • if only i could trade my chivalry hours for drugs

  • I know a rank 30 with 1500 hours.

  • @lemonater47:

    I know a rank 30 with 1500 hours.

    does he just not get any kills at all?

  • @zombojoe:

    does he just not get any kills at all?

    Spent 1200 hours in the editor.

  • I logged into steam on the rig today but that player is not visible. Strong susp he was called Cheese or Hard Cheese?

  • Didn’t Dimon pass 6k over a year ago though?

  • Discovered by accident > Yesterday I fired up my Chivalry on Steam and went searching for a game in the Chivalry browser…
    que door bell as usual so I alt-tab Chivalry and head off. On my return to pc ( 1hour later ) exit Chivalry to see my hours
    played increase by an hour. This means just by opening the game browser and not even joining a server your played time
    increase. Had it been bit/coin then it would be worth leaving it open for 24/7 but not just to increase played hours for a
    video game that is in dire need of a rethink

  • This is true of any Steam game, AFAIK. Heck you could probably just leave the Chiv launcher open and wrack up your hours.

  • Actually its noted as soon as I click play without clicking play at the Chivalry screen it shows your playing.
    The hours don’t matter but imo how you get them. eg Fov 90 to 95 in first person as knight no shield.
    What ever mode I play never attacking fighting players or back hitting, its been tough but I have
    maintained a standard and quality of play with no combat tricks also. If not for that time TB stole
    my ranks knocking me back down from 44 to 28 last year Id have my Gold hat by now.
    Its just impossible to try another class for me. I can’t imagine spending 100s of hours just
    dancing about with very high fov in 1st or 3rd endlessly as a lynx helicopter, breaking
    animations and back stabbing or goading players to fight but pretending to walk off only to
    then attack there backs when they get engaged in a fight. Its not to late to come of the path
    and install a sense of ethics, Quality and honor in your Chivarly, carpe diem? Loins Law

  • I passed my first 1000 hours now.
    1015 as a Knight with 587 screenshots of which 300 or more are just various Knights in very good Armour mixes.
    plus Two Video’s of Chivalry. HBO might buy the boxset ;p

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