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  • I know that Guns were a late Medieval item (Mainly the early matchlocks),but it is one of the inventions that changed how warfare works,it would be cool if Torn Banner Studios can make it possible.explain why you agree or disagree with the subject so i can see a clear PoV from all sides

  • I was gonna say they would ruin the game but archers already do that.

  • @dudeface:

    I was gonna say they would ruin the game but archers already do that.

    hey pirate flintlocks are the only good thing about DW

    running around drunk while headshotting fools never gets old

  • I can see a game like Chivalry that has guns, but it needs to be built from the ground up again with the guns and their balance in mind. Guns should be considered one of the most important aspects of the game, even if just one class gets to use it. And no, not like in DW. I haven’t played it for a long time, but I do remember a whole team of pirates with blunderbusses were just one big firing squad.

    I have a pretty big idea of a Warhammer fantasy game, on a text document on the desktop, in the style of Chivalry (with ideas from RO2 and PS2 in terms of handling lots of people and dividing people into squads with leading officers). In that one I’m trying to think really carefully about how to balance the Empire handgunners. Things like recoil, smoke, long reloads, not 100% accuracy if standing still, weapon sway, and bullet penetration. Something that forces handgunners (and other ranged units) to stand still to get the best shots, and even then they are not pinpoint accurate. Also, the enemies they fight might have shields (which guns shouldn’t penetrate, but they would knock back the opponent with his shield still held up, and would drain some stamina) or enemies with lots of armour like the Warriors of Chaos (who also has big shields). There are loads of other factors too, like what Army/Race you are fighting, if you are fighting people with shields or armour or polearms or even other ranged enemies.

    It would be cool with balanced gun mechanics in a melee game. But for Chivalry it won’t happen.

  • why not just make napoleon era FPShooter/Slasher like Mount and Blade thats actually good

  • @zombojoe:

    why not just make napoleon era FPShooter/Slasher like Mount and Blade thats actually good


    I already wrote an essay of a post on how to do it and what weapons to use to balance 4 classes.

  • a knight with an Uzi would be funny to see.

  • It would be cool. I love vintage guns, i love steampunk and i also love to see a full gothic armor knight firing a wheellock carbine. The first portable firearm in europe, developed in the late 1300 was the hand cannon, in italian “schioppo” or “colubrina”. It was very heavy and slow, sometimes It required two operators, who needed to deploy the weapon in order to fire and reload. But in a fast game like Chivalry i think that it isn’t a very good weapon. But after all this isn’t an historical game, so matchlock rifle would be a more appropriate gun, in my opinion. In history bows and crossbow were far better weapons, a middle-age English longbow unit would have destroyed a napoleonic infantry line. But the apocalittic loud shot, the smoke, the exploding enemy’s head. Only a firearm can give such satisfactions (in a game!!). They can add some animation and effects ( DW) and then replace a crossbow skin With an old style gun. And It should be free.

  • English longbowmen trained for years and were professionals. Not to mention some of the strongest men in the English army at the time.

    An idiot could use the gun. And idiots could be replaced much more easily if they blew themselves up. Than well trained archers. Being shot while armoured did more damage to you than if you were unarmoured. It became easier to manufacture guns and powder and they became easier to use so they replaced everything.

    Yet French military tactics still involved making the battle end in melee combat. Their muskets well into the napoleonic wars were far better for melee stronger and longer than every one else’s. They would walk very slowly towards the enemy in a thin column. A thin Column meant that their enemy all aimed at the front of it. Meaning only those at the front of the column would die. Their bodies would soak up all the bullets. They were horribly mutilated yet their brutal death let everyone behind them live. Until the next volley. Once the Colin breached the enemy lines it was all over. They would pour men down that gap and go up both sides of the line. They would deny their enemy the ability to reform with the threat of elite lancers which would destroy any reform wing infantry. All the while they were supporting their columns with musket fire. Their better training in melee, better equipment and the fact they chanted all the way negatively affecting their enemies morale while boosting their own meant that enemy armies started to run. Quite often before the column actually reached them. Even by 1800 most armies couldn’t actually fire 3 rounds a minute they could barely sc**** 2. Bad training. The problem was the revolution had meant all their naval officers and captains heads had fallen off. They got replaced by a bunch of idiots who didn’t know what a ship was. Their army improved but their navy quickly dropped to one of the worst in the world where beforehand it was actually on par with England’s navy beating it on numerous occasions. Afterwards their didn’t get any major victories. The Spanish navy was far more of a fight for the English.

    Anyway. A new game would be better. Practise in the Ue4 engine for chiv 2 rather than jumping straight into it right off the bat. We know how that turned out last time.

    Make it 600 years after the current conflict. Agatha regained control under a new Agathian king as the masons had slaughtered the royal family. A descendant of malric knows the history, thinks he should be leader of the empire and sees an opportunity. The current kings mental health is so bad he things he’s a penguin and the politicians are bickering and not getting anything done. The populace aren’t happy with the current state of affairs. This defendant of malric sees the ingredients of rebellion gathers some men, walks into parliament and opens fire. Saying he’s doing it for the people when he really wants control all for himself. Some of the agathians don’t want a tyrant, others don’t care and think it will be better than the current state of affairs. This a civil war breaks out. Those loyal to the king and status quo and the others loyal to this new leader. Boom story done.

    Focus the combat on the more urban of conflicts during the 18th and early 19th century’s. Where it was a lot of running around stabbing of beating people to death while finding time to reload every now and again.

    Then you have 4 classes.

    Partisans are sort of your specialist troop. The all-rounder. Has access to a home made musket, an old pistol and the blunderbuss. As well as a variety of home made weapons or random stuff lying around. Like a cleaver, pitchfork and spiked club. Can have home made high explosives made up of a bag filled with gun powder, a smoke grenade, Molotov cocktail. For the blunderbuss instead of having all that you pick your ammo type instead like how you would for bows and stuff some things are restricted to certain weapons. Either shot or buck and ball. One doing more damage close range with more spread and projectiles the other being more for longer ranged engagements.

    The Rifleman was equipped with an early rifle of course. These early riflemen usually stood out in front of the line moving constantly and staying low picking off enemy officers and NCOs. These light infantry were perfect for sieges. Taking out threats so the main infantry doesn’t get killed off. The baker rifle, jaeger rifle and the Kentucky long rifle can be their primaries. Kentucky being the most accurate but dealing the least damage. The baker and jaeger rifles having mixed stats but the same damage. They can have a sword bayonet as their secondary weapon. As well as a sort of spiked club and maybe a longer sabre type sword as an option. There can be a special to but bayonet lugs on the baker and jaeger rifles to have the option to mount the sword bayonet on the rifle increasing their melee capacity against other long weapons. The ability to have rear sites on the rifles as they didn’t actually come with any to begin with, modified stocks to hold more ammunition and slightly smaller rounds to make the rifle load faster in the ramming stage faster at the cost of accuracy though still more accurate than a musket.

    Grenadier. Your main line infantryman. English Brown Bess being your average all rounder rifle. The French clareville musket being longer with a smaller round fired making it a bit less accurate and less damaging though keeping the reload about the same. And the naval carbine. A shortened musket. The most inaccurate though faster to reload. And not greet in melee because of its size. A choice of bayonet to go on the end. A long pike bayonet, a pyramid shakes bayonet that’s a bit better for slashing but shorter. And a sword bayonet. Not the best for stabbing and also the shortest. Their abilities can be a grenade. An early fragmentation grenade. The weight if a shotput and you pretty much had to throw it like one. Hoping the fuse was cut right and was made with the proper materials so it didn’t instantly burn all the way to the powder in 3 seconds when it was supposed to take 10. Also the ability to take your bayonet off to use as a secondary weapon or use your musket as a blunt instrument. Also you can pick a small infantry sabre. Not as big as the officers swords but if you want a sword you can have one. And brass knuckles. Über fists.

    The officer is the leading man. The guy who helps really loudly runs towards the enemy with his sword and doesn’t seem to get shot. These guys have pistoles. They came in a varsity of shapes and sizes. And they often didn’t have 1 they had many. Why reload if you can just throw that one away and grab another. They. Can have a standard issue officers pistole the middle ground. They carry two of these. The pocket pistol. Small, inaccurate but the officer carries 3 of these and they are pretty damn fast to reload. And the duelling pistol. A long barrels master work pistol. Accurate as a musket which is saying something for a pistol and its very high damaging. They carry one of these. Duel wielding pistols as standard. Just no proper aim down sights. Just to focus your pistol. Middle click aim, left click fire left right click fire right. Or right click aim left click fire left, middle click fire right. I dunno. Their swords are easy. The sabre of course. Long, curved, and great at general slashing while being pretty damn fast. The Scottish broadsword. A straight bladed sword. Its heavy and long. Perfect for any king of attack. And lastly the cutlass. Yes it wasn’t just a pirate weapon. Many naval officers who weren’t idiots used one. Found its way into land battles or at least swords similar. Shortest one but great at slashing though not as fast as the sabre nor that great at stabbing. They can have a special of having an extra pistol. You were wondering how you would duel wield duelling pistols. With this you can as you start with two instead. There can be the ability to have your sword and pistol out at the same time. Pistol in the left hand sword in the right. Though you can reload without putting your sword away. And it makes your accuracy slightly worse while your damage isn’t as good. telescope because why not. A trumpet for Lols. Need to come up with another special thing for an officer.

    As well as cool siege equipment. Like the cannon instead of a catapult. A Puckle gun instead of a ballista. And a nock gun as a pick up weapons because its awesome and why not. It has 7 barrels.

    So that’s my idea.

  • Just play call of duty if u wanna guns

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    Just play call of duty if u wanna guns

    But call of duty is going in the wrong direction time wise. Then again its going in the wrong direction in many ways.

  • Ohhh, I like the 600 years later thing, but maybe actually 500 years later because Chiv takes place in 1269.

    If Chiv 2 is being developed, a chronological sequel would be great for sure.

    But this discussion should probably go in SDK chat.

  • @epicjulian:

    I know that Guns were a late Medieval item (Mainly the early matchlocks),but it is one of the inventions that changed how warfare works,it would be cool if Torn Banner Studios can make it possible.explain why you agree or disagree with the subject so i can see a clear PoV from all sides

    Epically stupid idea tbh. Is it troll season again ? So called newbies making stupid posts about stupid ideas and guns in Chivarly?
    I will be dropping a list of alt accounts to TB shortly it grows tiresome tbh

  • @zombojoe:

    why not just make napoleon era FPShooter/Slasher like Mount and Blade thats actually good



    I already wrote an essay of a post on how to do it and what weapons to use to balance 4 classes.

    why not hell yeah :D
    make someone that mod plox skins wepns everything…

    suitable map for that mod is almost done…

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