Please make am option to…

  • automatically Join a server when there is a player slot available.

    Yea, I could go to another server, but guess what? there are some servers I don’t like, and some servers where there are to many players slots, and the server is full. There is this one LTS server I really like, it has a 16 player slot, which I kind of like, but it can usually be full.

    So I’m asking if this can be implemented.

    It would basically pop up with the screen as it already does, but it should also just give us the option to let us join automatically when there is a slot available. So basically just sit there until BOOM, you’re in the server cuz someone else in there left.

  • TB will probably add in 20 new bugs if they try to implement this.

  • For now you can use steam server browser (not the in-game one), if you want to get into the queue and join as soon as there is an available slot.

    Quoting Rumpel:


    1. open your chivalry
    2. alt tab
    3. steam -> View -> Servers
    4. set game to chivalry

    always use steam server browser

  • Yeah except when someone else joins and loads quicker than you, then you lose your spot. That shits me a lot.

  • have chivalry already running at the server browser screen and then alt tab and use the steam browser m8

    dont have a potato pc

  • @zombojoe:

    dont have a potato pc

    First rule of playing chivalry, right there.

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