Need a texturer for Arms & Armor contest!

  • Hi guys, i’m not an expert nor professional nor good 3d modeller, but i just enjoy modelling (and i’ve even something ready for the contest). But i don’t know how to texture my models. So i need a punk guy that knows how, or at least barely knows how. If you want to see my works, send me a message because i can’t post images. If you are interested we can team up. Glory awaits!

  • I’m just in your position!

  • I’m interested! Send me a PM!

  • Who doesn’t need a texturer? Learning to 3D model, even if you’re not great, seems like it’s easier than learning how to create and implement textures on those models. Sure, it helps if you have experience creating wonders with Photoshop. I have experience in Photoshop, but not in creating wonders. Then there’s the task of getting said textures on the model, and have that look good and shine with the correct materials and what not. I guess I just have to learn that if I want to create 3D models, but it all just made me cry a little… :(

    Knifelegs, are you interested in creating textures for my models as well? I’d split the revenue with you if we’d get that far haha

  • Yep, send me a PM and we can work something out!

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