How is current MAA dodge in any way defensible as a gameplay mechanic?

  • MAA is a frequent topic of discussion.

    It’s hard to properly balance him out because his dodge makes him seriously OP in duels (and to you people out there who claim the game shouldn’t be balanced around duels; there are also many, many situations where you have to directly confront a MAA on your own in team-based matches).

    On the other hand, nerfing the class further would make him not worth the low health in teamplay.

    I will say though that I find backdodge one of the most retarded ‘get-out-of-jail-free-cards’ I have seen in this game.

  • The exclusive ability to ignore the effects of flinch and recovery does seem a bit much.

  • Dodge doesn’t go far enough to avoid most vanguard weapons. It’s fine in teamplay.

  • It’s ok because most maas crutch on it and aren’t very good as a result.

  • It’s not. Remove dodge, give maa +25% damage on backstab.

  • An overly dodge spammy maa is a shit maa. Just feint them wait for the dodge, attack. Works every time

  • @Philoninternet:

    I’m interested to hear people’s opinions. From where I’m sitting, as a humble knight player with a few hundred hours under my belt, it seems like utter, unbalanced horseshit.

    At the very least, it should be disabled for duels.

    it is utterly unbalanced, thats why nobody wants to duel MAAs in duel servers

    the mechanics just favor MAA tremendously

  • maa is fine, doesnt need any change

  • 1:Remove dodge out of flinch/recovery and possibly increase the cooldown for dodges.
    2: Remove dodge.

  • Keep Dodge.

    Remove Dodge Out of Recovery and Parry, so that they can’t just dodge out of mistakes.

    Give MAA Archer’s walkspeed. They have more armor and heavier weapons. Why can they move faster?

    BONUS: Change Parry Animations/Mechanic so that you can actually use your weapon to parry instead of being forced to use your face.

    It’s be nice to force someone’s attack to be parried by sticking your weapon into their weapon, you know, like in real life.

    Pretty stupid that Parry requires your enemy to actually hit your body and the weapon itself does nothing.

  • i have a solution to all our problems

    replace maa dodge with ninja roll

    < best theorycraft NA

  • or removes it like slasher did

    Even moar happy face?

  • @zombojoe:

    i have a solution to all our problems

    replace maa dodge with ninja roll

    < best theorycraft NA

    like I suggested after DW came out, but EU is always top worldwide as we know.

  • It’s pretty ridiculous that dodge-stab-dodge-stab-dodge-stab-dodge-stab works in duels. It shouldn’t. It’s the most no skill / no effort way of fighting and just… shouldn’t be in the game. Same goes for the vanguard charge which is basically a no-brain approach of point and press LMB. Dumbs down the game imo and then these vanguard chargers then get pissed off when someone kills them with drags when all they’re used to is pointing and pressing LMB.

  • dodge is fine and so is maa, doesnt need any change tbh.

  • How is teleporting fine, I fail to understand that

  • @zombojoe:

    i have a solution to all our problems

    replace maa dodge with ninja roll

    < best theorycraft NA

    I kind of like the DW ninja roll. It still feels useful, but not nearly as “ez button” as it does in MW. The ninja roll IS slower and longer lasting than the MW dodge, right?

  • it has a long animation that prevents you from teleporting behind people and stabbing them

  • Does MaAs really need dodge in the first place?

  • ^In teamfights I’d say yes, they don’t have the reach and armour of the other melee classes so it’s hard to do 1vN, unless you’re using morningstar or dane axe, without dodging. The dodge can be nerfed, ie: remove the ability to combo off of a dodge, remove the ability to dodge out of flinch or stuns (which shouldn’t even be possible in the first place), it would also be possible to lower the cooldown of it from 0.3 seconds to 0.5-1.0 so it can’t be spammed.

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