How is current MAA dodge in any way defensible as a gameplay mechanic?

  • The 1 shot knight ability is the only thing the maul has going for it. Only idiots get one shot killed by it anyway.

    But balance on this forums is just a word for “nerf everything”.

  • @lemonater47:

    But balance on this forums is just a word for “nerf everything”.

    Are you still irate about those 10 damage archer nerfs? Please, nobody wants to nerf warhammer or flails or longsword or morning star or saber or grand mace or double axe or slings or bardiche or thrusting spear or poleaxe or bearded axe or…

    Your definition of “everything” seems to be bit iffy.

  • I doubt that’d do much. Most of the time it just looks like 2 people gambling hoping they’ll flinch the other guy first. That and reverse b0ckswongs with Messer or w/e on the slash. Still feel like we have tons of hit trading because people like to do it. Buffing feint windows would help for some situations but wed either need an attack lockout after 200ms thing has been passed which is gonna be inconsistent and annoying or we have more unreadable feints and just make it like it used to be. I guess that might make weapons like gmace useful again if you’re able to feint with it but the gamble/prediction meta is pretty yawn. but then again, I doubt tb will do anything to nerf stab feints so that might not even matter. But why do I write this much anyway. Ded gaem

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