Horrid Frame Rate jumps and files that wont stay validated.

  • My frame rate regularly drops into the single digits at regular intervals. It will play at around 40-60 fps for a few seconds and then drop to 10 fps for a few seconds and then jump back up to 40-60 fps.

    I thought some files might have been corrupted so I went into steam to validate the games cache. It showed 4 files needed to be redownloaded.

    After downloading the files and launching the game I found that the problem persisted. Attempting to validate the game cache a second time yielded a message again informing me that I needed to reacquire 4 files.

    I got the idea to delete my entire steam/SteamApps/common/chivalrymedievalwarfare/UDKGame/Config folder and validating the game cache yet again, thinking that might fix the problem. It did fix it, and i got a steady 40-60 fps, until I closed the game and restarted it, in which case the problem reappeared.

    So currently, my only way to play Chivalry without this strange fps drop form occurring is to delete my steam/SteamApps/common/chivalrymedievalwarfare/UDKGame/Config, validate the game cache, and then I can finally play.

    Any idea’s as how to fix this problem so I don’t have to constantly perform this task?

  • Ensure you do not have vertical sync enabled in game or in your graphics card control panel. You will need to relaunch the game to have V-sync changes applied.

  • That did not resolve the issue.

  • I turned off vertical sync under global options in the Nividia control panel. V-sync was off in game from the beginning. This did not effect the problem.

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