Tips for bot pathing?

  • I don’t know. The bots always just seem to follow one or two nodes, and then they just start wandering around.
    Note that I don’t use pylons because they don’t seem to help much, and because it’s hard to make out paths from the navmesh.

    I know it’s probably just because the bots suck, (I want better bots) But is there anything I’m doing wrong?​

  • NPC bots or “fighting bots”?
    If they have no plan what to do they are just idling/wandering around until they notice a new enemy or you are telling them “run to A” or “focus on xyz” etc.
    Try to use many path nodes. If the distance between two apples is huge, the bots get into trouble.
    And always recalculate pathes, if you have moved one node.

  • Fighting bots. AI.
    Some of them actually do follow the paths, but most just run around until they see an enemy. Now that I think of it, there probably is a way to tell them to go to a place, so I’m going to change this thread;

    How do you tell bots to go to a specific node?

  • It is some work to set up the AI. This thread is a good start.

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