Christmas events with Bunny

  • I would like to suggest a global Knight Mauling ffa competition organised by Bunny
    ( is that new community manager ? )

    Perhaps the winner of the Regions could have a free skin from TB of choice?
    12 per ffa match , going through to another round of former winners kind of event.
    Even TB might put forward some team members to fight in the maul feasts.

  • I think she is the “marketing manager” not community one.

  • They can multi task I am told todays generation can do 2 things at once hehe. I do hate maul troll knights but
    Imo a FFA: MaulsBall just join with Maul and win 16slot ffa to get to next round would be fun for most players.
    Not to mention see all those swingers and rock and rollers with mauls. TB might consider it unless they have
    a secret already planned for that season.

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