Which weapons actually need a buff

  • Which weapons really need buffs to be competitive with the obvious choices.

    For example MAA, broadsword needs a nerf (that stab), great sword for van is obvious ahead of the pack.

    But which weapons actually need a buff to be a valid choice. Something like flails are horrible, mostly due to range. But what is the full list of really crappy weapons.

  • I think bots need to be buffed. That intelligence stat is way lower.

  • @Skindiacus:

    I think bots need to be buffed. That intelligence stat is way lower.

    They are decent, I think I have seen them combo, and they love to kick. I wish they would parry.

  • I think the Gmace needs a slight buff. It sucks now. Could use a slight speed boost or something.

  • Warhammer.

  • bardiche, wh, gmace, bearded axe, poleaxe, dubaxe, ls, flails

  • Warhammer and Flail are the only weapons that I find to be completely unviable. Im honestly pretty happy with the game as is I wouldnt want to see anything get really messed up. I’d rather them just work on fixing Maa and kick and then give GS a little speed nerf.

    Im not saying I think there aren’t more things that could be done to balance I just think that the game is in a pretty good spot and I’d hate to see it end up worse off after a major balance patch. Plus at this point it just makes more sense that TBS would be working full force on Chiv 2.

  • falchion, warhammer, zwei, polehammer, bardache, cudgel, waraxe.

    The main problem isn’t the weapon themselves, the main problem is a lot of weapons are just completely outclassed by others.

    The above I mentioned are in general pretty useless when compared to other weapons in their tier. However there are a lot of weapons that could get minor buffs, instead of complete reworks like the above to be on par with their counter parts. Claymore can get a slight damage buff to three shot knights more consistently, greatsword can be toned down just a bit by increasing windup a tad bit. hatchet can be given a small reach buff. Longsword small damage buff. Messer longer windup. Stab feints all around nerfed a tad bit.

    both flails (need a complete rework to be decent)

    Back in the day however, the only real useless weapons were the flails. Almost every other weapon was completely viable, although not the best choice, but could be used accordingly and functioned properly. Somewhere along the way though, we got indirect nerfs through changed game mechanics. Such as a larger bubble rendering the 1 handed axes pretty much outclassed/useless.

    Also playstyles developing etc etc etc.

    Torn Banner should have just toyed around with each part of the game individually before trying to do balance and mechanics all at once. That’s where they fucked up, that’s why we’re here now.

    Now fixing this game and perfectly balncing it is as likely as finding an anti cancer shot, I’m more optimistic about cancer tbh.

  • every axe. also I really dont think claymore needs a damage buff. I find claymore to be balanced its just that weapons like greatsword make it a poor choice. That shit is fast as fuck tho.

  • Flail can do well in duels…
    It only has the problem of high chance of ghost swings.

  • all the short slow weapons are garbage

    cudgel, warhammer, falchion, etc

    mostly due to bubble mechanics tho, reduce bubble further TBS

  • Cudgel is probably the best out of those 3. But still a tad underwhelming.

  • @lemonater47:

    Cudgel is probably the best out of those 3. But still a tad underwhelming.

    which makes even less sense

    in what world would it be okay for cudgel > warhammer lel

  • SoW needs buff to be viable against LS. Flanged Mace needs a small buff to compete with Warhammer. Gr8sword needs small nerf to bring in line with Broadsword.

  • gmace, faster windup & more release time plz

    falchion revert dmg nerf and dmg type nerf

    give more dmg to LS

  • none

  • Well, we could either buff every weapon in the game or nerf GS.

  • Jon Knows ^

  • @Jon:

    Well, we could either buff every weapon in the game or nerf GS.

    So flail, warhammer and longsword are equal… ok if you know

  • Even the concept of weapon balance in this game is weird: Why would a cudgel be on a par with a sword? Why would anyone bother paying vast amounts of money for a sword if a random lump of wood was as effective? I don’t care about all weapons being viable, and tbh, with the number of weapons and play styles in this game I doubt it’s even achievable by tbs. There certainly needs to be better balance on the obvious weapons, but I don’t see a problem with keeping man-mode switched on for certain shit weapons. I like dicking try-hard messer fags with a cudgel, it makes the tears so much saltier. It wouldn’t be as satisfying if the cudgel was buffed to be a kind of magic piece of super wood that completely invalidates the invention of actual weaponry.

    Increase GS windup, increase messer windup, do SOMETHING about brandilol, nerf stab feints and broadsword stab. Lets start there and see what’s up. Balance changes should be small, isolated and delivered iteratively.

    Also maybe reduce the bubble a bit more to see if it helps with short weapons.
    *edit 2
    I seriously doubt the longsword will look like it needs a buff after the messer is nerfed.

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