Unable to customize classes

  • As you can see (in the attached picture) I am on the customization page in Chivalry trying to change my archers weapon to a crossbow. But I have no way of doing this. I am sure that this is a bug but maybe I am completely thick! It is the same on other classes as well.

    Image (as the attachment uploader doesn’t work, neither does pasting into the text editor): http://i.imgur.com/aLgHm4O.png

  • The customization menu is just for adjusting the visuals of your character. There are only a few alternate skins available for weapons, so those are all you see.

    If you want to choose to use a crossbow instead of a bow, you do that when you are selecting your class in the game after joining a server / starting a local game (click the little weapon icons below the picture of the class guy).

  • I knew I was being stupid! haha, how embarassing!

  • Trust me you’re not the first person to overlook the little weapon icons on the character-select screen. ^__^

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