Landscape editing - Terrain's Average tool?

  • hello there,

    my task: make nice slope between 2 places of Landscape with different heights with good collsisons - not steep, nice smooth

    In Landscape editor there is no “average heights tool” - so only way how to make good slope between two different heights is “smooth tool” (afaik) which is good tool

    but problem is that smooth smoothes it in that way that often I get lower height as a result on some places than it original was

    this is mega problem for me as I created “basic” sea bottom and many static meshes (all jettys,…) are aligned for this landscaape… I was creating it acording to those meshes…

    worst solution is that I copy paste every jetty pillar and miror it by Z axis but I wiould like to avoid this cuz it would be many MB extra and it’s not needed

    even more worst solution is to check every single pillar if it’s “flying” or not…

    can this smoothing be achieved somehow with guarantee that smooth will only “+” height where needed and no “-”
    (some special setting?) or to set minimum height allowed for smoothing or sth like that?

    if someone more experienced have read this please let me know some advice or I duno if you understood what I mean I can try make some image if I wasn’t clear enough….

    just please help

  • how big a difference is it making? You should model your jetty posts with enough extra length to stick into the ground if it’s just a couple feet here or there.

  • Maybe you can try the flatten tool and the +/- settings for the most work and then smooth it with low settings.

  • Do you have an example or image demonstrating the type of terrain you are going for?

  • **hey guys, wow thanks so much all of you for so quick response :)
    I honestly appreciate it <3
    so after all feedback from old Terrain/Landscape for my map I am wiser now
    and I don’t want any trolling glitchy places
    I realised that it’s not so fun as I thought at first… :D

    it means no stuck points, no places where you think you can jump but you can’t

    many ppl like to jump in water and they couldn’t go back then…

    so in new landscape I have basic sea bottom (on which u can “scuba diving” to another islands in case all fleet would be depleted just btw…)
    this is finished already u can see on img
    and this is low enough under the mean sea level to be under water and get damage + to not clip with Flagship when it sails “through” it…
    u can fall down ofc to even lower level too but this is indicated with damn steep slope + it’s painted…

    well I am fine with fact that I am gona readjusted almost all level: rocks, some palm trees… (some can’t be readjusted cuz they are a part of secret path…) so again I will need to make Landscape acording to those…

    **but jettys ( and sea level ) is my reference
    so Landscape is made acording to this
    now I am trying for a decent while to create main part of Landscape but yeah am using Flattening tool but then always I have to smooth it (I was trying to set fallof value for maximum for flat and paint tool too ofc,
    but it wasn’t quality standard I want, really many ppl was reporting to me problems with stuck points and I have to agree with them it’s waful in curent state so when I am creating new I want really everything nice smooth so u can run freely and u won’t stuck anywhere

    and always after smoothing it gets lower than I want when I smooth less it’s not smooth enough : /
    (I don’t want player to jump,
    I discovered that slopes that were imposible to even jump on Terrain u can just run with no collsion problems if it’s landscape :D
    so am glad you made me to switch to landscape :)…. )

    so I have to (I want) smooth tool…

    considered solutions:

    **A) as you can see problem meshes are 2 types,
    so maybe I could scale Z that one which is just pillar (agree I don’t ahve to copy paste this one)

    but the other one “dock brick” actually I don’t want to do anything with it cuz if I were, well then I could really make brand new map :D….
    it’s well aligned, scaling would break another things then…
    so these I could could copypaste all, not best solution but i will have 100% guarantee that I don’t have any flying objects and what is more important I don’t have to check it case by case :D
    —this is worst solution but I know how to make it at least…**

    **B) another question: is there some tool in UDK that will automatically tell me meshes (or any actors) that are not visible cuz they are hidden beneath the Landscape?
    –-this could be also sufficent solution

    C) still if there were some way how to use “smooth tool” only for “adding” not “subtractnig” as I asked at first
    **–-this would be best solution

  • You should be able to turn your brush settings down and slowly bring the dip up into the line you want. It might take some time but if you’re not using a heightmap getting that kind of specific geography is time consuming.

  • @NATO:

    You should be able to turn your brush settings down and slowly bring the dip up into the line you want. It might take some time but if you’re not using a heightmap getting that kind of specific geography is time consuming.

    Hey! thanx for reply :)

    I don’t use imported heightmap, it was flat landscape at start I paint just with tools

    yes, agree time consuming + there is still chance I would miss sth,
    cuz I need to check case by case every hole every dip then raise it then smooth and then it makes another dip……

    that’s why I tried to ask if there is some good solution cuz this is never ending story,
    I will make A) if nothing better will be around

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