No Hud

  • I’ve noticed that a few newer games are starting to remove the Hud, for me this is really immersive and a great feature, I understand of course that you are looking to lower the learning curve of this game and for that the Hud is essential, I wonder if there could simply be an option to remove it, just would be a nice little detail.

  • Developer

    There will certainly be the option to remove or display various features of the HUD as the player desires. We’re not positive what the default setting will be at the moment.

  • +1 for a HUD removal option.

    I actually really liked how minimal the HUD was in the later builds of AoC with the minimap and such toggled off.

  • Agree minimal to no hud is win!

  • If anyone have played some games with U3 engine you’d know that you can remove hud in 99% of them


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