Alt Tab Probelm in windows 7

  • Everytime or most part of times when i alt tab, i can’t go back to the game, ot it took long time and i find myself disconnected to from server. Lots of times i have to stop process with task manager.
    This never happened on my xp pro 64 bit.

    p.s. no, windowed mode do not help.

  • Try 32-bit mode on the Launcher. That usually helps with alt-tabbing and stability on older systems.

    Are you running any 3rd party recording tools? Some of them may screw with the Steam Overlay which affects alt tabbing to some extent.

    How much RAM do you have, btw? Chiv may stop responding on systems with small free memory, because Windows thinks the program stopped responding, but all it needs is a few secs until it comes back properly.

    • 32 bit make my game lagging a lot
    • no3d party tools
    • 16gb of ram running on 1600 hz

  • Alt tabbing works fine for me using the 64bit mode. And yeah I get serious lagging issues using 32 bit mode.

    Running a 3rd party program with its own overlay causes the steam overlay to turn off and makes alt tabs buggy. It won’t crash but sometimes the screen will be black but I have full control in game. Another round of alt tabs brings the visuals back.

    Without it its completely normal.

  • Helps please.
    Even task manager get blocked when i try to stop the process. I think the game freeze something when i alt tab.

  • up, the problem still here and very annoying.

  • Have you ran an anti virus and have you checked how many processes you are running in the background when you play? Also check your performance. Running 64 bit loads more of the game into the ram with less CPU and 32 bit loads more into the CPU and less on the ram. So if your PC is taxed to begin with, with extra crap running in the background then hopping in and out of a taxing game can be problematic.

    A great free anti virus it Eset’s online scanner. Reboot in safe mode with networking and open a web browser and go to: make sure you have a check in the “Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications” and let it run. Once it is complete and removes any unwanted applications reboot.

    If you are free of viruses and unwanted background programs, get Razor’s game booster and install it, run it and config it before you play. This should help.

    Also make sure you are running the latest vid card drivers as that too maybe the reason why there is such a delay in switching back and forth.

  • I don’t use anything in the background.
    Thanks by the way, i will try this Razor’s game booster and i test the game.

  • this program allow me to make more fps, and that’s good. But the alt tab problem remains. I think its a problem of the videogame since this is the only one that i have problem with.


    I would also suggest you try to see if this happens in safe mode , or a clean boot.
    Did you swop keyboards recently? Try another one.

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