Just bought the DW DLC and NO servers are appearing, it forces me to download beta

  • I just bought the DLC, when I installed it and went to play it about an hour later, When i start the chivalry client it says “buy DW DLC” instead of play, when i click it, it brings me to the store page which says i own it, if i click “play now” from the store page it launches Chivalry Medieval Warfare beta. From there the DLC launches properly BUT ther server lists are completely empty, no filters enabled etc.

    Really gets under my skin as i have little time to play throughout the week and just shoveled 20$ at torn banner for a useless red UI.

    Please someone help because I just have that feeling Torn Banner wont reply to my email, nor my request for a refund or a solution.

  • Maybe from steam library select Chivalry Medieval Warfare, properties, beta tab and make sure you are opted out of all beta programs.

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