Creating a convincing landscape

  • I’ve been spending most of my spare time with research on how to use the UDK to create a specific type of scenery.

    I got inspired from what is probably my favorite game of all time; Shadow of the Colossus.
    There’s just something interesting about its landscape.

    Anyway, this is the kind of terrain I’m referring to:

    Third screenshot in particular captures the feel and shape I’m going for.
    But tbh I don’t even know what this sort of terrain is called. I’ve tried searching for some UDK landscape tutorials themed around “open fields, mesa, grass hills” or even “shadow of the colossus landscape” but none of them match this specific terrain.

    Only UDK implementation I could find were some videos about this landscape being recreated in UDK and Cryengine but there weren’t tutorials on how it was achieved. It is however exactly what I’m trying to create:

    So can anyone help me out here? Any clever ideas or tips on how to go about this in the UDK? Maybe you know where to find appropiate heightmaps. Heck, even the correct name for this sort of landscape would be really helpful.
    I already got some textures and rock meshes readied up.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Personally I think using meshes for the rocks/ledges rather than landscape would be wise.

    And no, it’s not mesa, not really fields, not hills, not anything I’ve seen before…
    TBH I don’t think it has a name.

  • The video you posted is Landscape with Static Meshes. For those shapes in a playable space, that is what you would want.

    Check out blender for free:

    Landscape could achieve this on it’s own, but is not suitable for a space players will be running around in.

    World Machine is pretty good also, but costs money:

  • World machine is amazing, Amir Abdaoui has a cryengine workflow which is easily adapted to UDK. But as Andrew said, it costs money.

  • Thanks so far.

    I knew the guy from the video was blending a lot of static meshes into the ledges and although it’s difficult to convincingly pull off, it’s very much possible and I already knew how to go about this.

    His rock pack is perfect but costs around 200 bucks so yeah…. nope. For now I’m working with a lesser quality rock pack that’s also used in Chivalry, but with more suitable textures.

    The part that still has me puzzling is how the terrain seen in the video actually has a surprisingly low amount of static meshes placed into the hills, especially in the areas more into the distance.
    Pause at that timestamp. It gives a good view of the entire area.

    It’s hard for me to describe, but I think it’s just the general shape of the landscape I’m having trouble with. It’s easy to create rolling hills filled with lush trees but actually flat plains with many plateaus… I didn’t expect it to be so difficult. I just can’t get the brushes right for this one.
    I really like how the terrain in the original game and in the mentioned video has its ledges set up. I mean the point where the gras fades and the rock starts emerging from the ground.

    But overall, the general plains themselves are quite good though. There’s actually a lot more height difference than you’d expect, whereas my own attempts end up quite flat in comparison. But I suppose that’s just because I’m such a newb when it comes to direct terrain shaping in UDK instead of using another program to create the heightmap.

    I’ve used World Machine in the past but didn’t yet know it could create something vaguely like this. Will check that out.

    Anyone know a good rock pack? The meshes I’m currently using are very round or just wide, whereas I’m looking for more oval or vertical rock meshes. I have 0 experience in Maya/Blender/3ds Max apart from converting Skyrim’s dragon models into Chivalry’s Moor map just for laughs.
    I could also really use a heightmap so I can properly see how to go about this kind of terrain in UDK’s editor.

    Sorry guys, I guess I created this topic without exactly knowing what kind of help I was looking for.

  • or you could just take one trimming rock and one normal rock and repeat them.

    Nobody will know the difference. :sneakiness:

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