[WIP] AOC Library

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    I had a dream I was making a map so I went ahead and made this.

    I’m thinking its going to be TDM and LTS for sure, but I may create a large TO map and make this one of the stages.

    Its supposed to be a library but there are no books anywhere yet :worked_till_5am:
    Warning: huge resolution
    http://imgur.com/a/x07l5#0 old

  • Looks pretty good!

    but u gotta fill dat space with dem books and stuff.

    and what about monastery project? :c

  • Well, an ancient-looking library should have 3 things:

    • some source of natural light (candles were expensive and impractical yo’)
    • 90% of wall space covered in book shelves
    • lots of corridors

    The basic layout does look pretty good, so good job on that.

    Google the Vatican Library which is not only gorgeous but might give you a few good ideas. Like these wide columns which may serve as cover positions.

  • It looks pretty nice so far, but it’s really big and is made out of stone, so… structurally it might not hold. But I’m no engineer, what do I know? Just saying more supportive pillars (and even walls) would be good, both for realism, looks and archer cover.

    Oh, and big window(s) for natural light, as Alphonse said. It’s a library and you need light to read, but candles illuminate very little and weren’t cheap.

  • I’m probably going to open up the roof.

  • ned moar buks zumbukun

  • added new pics

    now with books

    placing them was easily the most tedious thing ive ever done


  • What you probably want is a 3D modeller who can make a few bookcases filled with books which you can place everywhere and along the walls. Putting empty bookcases and then filling them with individual books seems indeed tedious.

    Also, gotta point out, that upper floor har a really thin floor for being made out of stone. Even if we don’t care about structural integrity here, it would probably look better. So I’d say, make floor thicker, add more supporting pillars beneath it. Or make it out of wood, but it doesn’t look as royal as the map is supposed to look.

  • Yeah I could increase the thickness, its a little bit thin atm.

    I’m going to expand the back areas now, probably add windows and entrances where the teams will spawn in team modes.

  • looks like i went overboard

    rest of the album

  • Let there be light!

    Click on the image for the album.

    I spent all day trying to get these damn stained glass windows to work. I hope it was worth it, I might need to turn up the brightness on the window lights.

    Anyway the map just needs a little bit of polish and it should be ready for workshop. :)

  • The map is finally on the Workshop like and subscribe ;)


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