Anthony Got Really Angry

  • Poor Archer Anthony while playing a T/O Chivarly
    map on the way down to the Battlefield
    stuck his tiny shield in the Ground to
    give him cover. Anthony was never gifted
    with brightness of mind or speed of thought,

    Poor Anthony has managed to Block his
    Entire Team behind him on the stairs.
    Much to his horror he felt a the pang of
    a holy water poked in his back.

    Anthony got really angry! and reeled around
    to express his anoyance, only to be greeted
    by a hurd of Majestic Maul Knights as they
    Crushed his big head and tiny body relentesly
    with Mauls, why even after death this continued
    with zest and joy.

    Anothony composed him self and after respawn
    headed down to the battle but while in
    thought was knocked of his feed by
    some vanguards still pissed off at him
    and as he got to his feet to deal with
    this, once again his big head and tiny body
    was crushed and mauled into the ground like pepper.

    The morale of this tale is dont block
    your entire team and certainly try to
    kill the enemy team shooting at them
    while your team is in front of you
    trying to fight or get to the enemy.

    A good archer should always take up
    postion to the left or right of his

    Do you have or been told of epic battle tales hehe.

  • They definitely earn their nickname “annoying archers”.

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