Getting kicked by friends

  • Not sure if this is the right section to post this, but this has happened enough times that I had to post it on here, since the Steam reporting feature doesn’t do anything.

    After a long day, I turn on Chivalry, click Join Game, sort servers by lowest ping and join the one with couple of people in it. (US East and US Central)

    However, sometimes there are groups of 4-5 friends that are all together and votekick everyone new that joins, just to use the official server as their own private server.

    Here are the guys that have done this couple of times, please at least look into it. I don’t want to be kicked from the game I payed money for just because I am not part of their clan or private party or whatever.


  • Hello! It’s unfortunate that you’ve been repeatedly kicked by users who insist on locking people out of servers. Feel free to add me on steam and send me a message if this happens to you again so I can take care of it right away.

    You can also join the Chivalry Admin Group on steam and jump in the chatroom to speak with another admin if I’m not available.

    I’ve written down the names you have reported, but removed them from your post.

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