• (This isn’t actually off topic. There should be a ‘discuss forum policy’ category.)

    Can somebody clear up the rules on bumping? When is it okay to bump? I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that if you’re having a technical problem that didn’t get resolved you’re allowed to bump it, but I can’t find it again.

    As another case, if you make a thread and nobody responds, at what point can you bump it? 5 minutes?

  • Bump. It’s been five minutes.

  • Bumping is fine in tech support if no one’s replied to you for a few days. There’s not really a precise time limit that is dis/allowed though. So 5 minutes wouldn’t be okay. I would say just to wait a few days or message a dev directly if you have a specific tech support problem that isn’t being replied to.

    There isn’t a posted policy on it though as not everything can always be covered in the rules unfortunately.

    There also isn’t a discuss forum policy section because it’s against the rules to do so in a thread. Questions are fine in off topic but if you’re wanting to discuss any forum rules, it’s best to do so via PM.

  • Alright. Great. Thanks for the clarification.

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