Trailer Park Boys

  • This boxset is very interesting imo. I’d recommend this for some of you peons tbh. :abnormal:
    I just can’t stop watching it atm. netflix has 8 seasons of medicine

  • i think they already confirmed another 3 seasons

  • I love that show. I’m glad they’re starting another season up, looking good so far.

  • As a brit I do like Hbo and near all usa tv. These parks do exist then?

  • @loin:

    As a brit I do like Hbo and near all usa tv. These parks do exist then?

    Oh yes. The show is in another country then myself (The show being filmed in Canada) but in Texas there’s trailer parks everywhere. Generally though it’s more mobile homes than the small houses that can be moved.

  • It’s honestly the funniest show i’ve ever watched. Im glad they came back for more seasons but its just not quite as funny as the older episodes

  • Although Reno 911 is quite good. I am upto about episode 7 or 8 series 1. Also It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    and Curb your enthusiasm. ( very old but funny was Two’s company about An English Butler with American female boss)
    In the Trailer park boys a lot of things exist that some are not to obvious, its a very indepth and deep program.

  • Hey Loin you wanna be friends with the benedicts?
    Let’s get drunk and eat chicken fingers bud. What goes around is all around.

    It is a great show though. I thoroughly enjoyed season 8, the boys are back and arguably better than before. Ricky buying everything with hash coins, lahey undercover and on the liquor, Bubbles trying to hold his sanity together, Julian trying to make money, and Randy with that fuckin weirdo Donny. The new Rickyisms are epic too. Another show, Sons of Anarchy, just started their final season but I have yet to watch it. That show has gotten so boring I’m in no rush to go watch it.

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